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  1. will the system restore that FRST made get me back to exactly how I was before the fix? I really don't want to download anything from here I'm sorry.
  2. Okay, thank you all for your replies. So the restore won't get me back to how I was before all this?
  3. The other thread is a new topic, I am trying to get a staff member to give me advice on where to go from here since the fix has done so much damage...and I need to know what to do.
  4. Oh wow. A reinstall???? I came to get help with some lingering antivirus files which weren't really a big deal and I need a new computer now... Ummmm. My event viewer is showing a ton of errors I have never had, I brought that up but he didn't respond to me about that. Can i do anything with a system restore or is that redundant?
  5. I am referring to my taskbar. I have more errors in event viewer now also that I have never seen. I am wondering how to fix what has been done here is all. It doesn't show as volunteer on my end it says experts forum deity so I automatically thought you were a staff member, my mistake. I am going to have to ask someone else what to do since my pc is having serious issues but I appreciate you taking your time to try and help. I don't even know where to start to fix all this honestly and unsure who to ask. Have a good day
  6. Honestly , I appreciate any help! But excellent help may have been where the end result wasn't a broken pc..I am trying to figure out how to fix what they did, not sure if that is common for a member to do but it doesn't seem right.
  7. I would like to hear from others on what they think about this as well. I don't want to be afraid to use the forum.
  8. Hi Alvarnell, and thanks for getting back. is that the only thing I can do?
  9. Hi and thank you so much for your valuable time. I wasn't sure where to go with this because it may be a sensitive topic. I posted yesterday about an issue I was having with leftover AVG and Firefox files with possible malware on my pc. I asked if someone could read my Addition file and let me know what I need to do. I had already scanned with MBAM and Adwcleaner it came back clean so I ran FRST. I posted that I wanted the avg and firefox files removed and to find out if I had malware when someone here replied to me and told me to use a fixlist he uploaded. I asked what it was becaus
  10. Just wondering...are you a staff member? I didn't see you in the list is why I ask. I am open to any help from other staff members if possible since my pc is going crazy. My event viewer has a bunch of new errors 😐 event id 2007 LoadPerf cannot repair performance counters for .Net reinstall the counters manually. 3009 event id Installing the performance counter string for .net CLR networking failed. There are 4 of those. Event id 7032 service control manager Windows search service unexpected termination. These service control manager events showed up too, 7031, windows search service terminat
  11. Hi Kevin, I went ahead and ran the fix. Here are the logs you requested. I have a major concern though, now when I click on my toolbar in Windows it just dings...I can't click on anything so something was broken with this fix. It has never done this. I didn't have any malware prior to the fix according to MBAM and Adwcleaner since I ran scans yesterday. I do need to be able to use my toolbar since that is very important. Not sure yet what else may not be functioning properly but that was the 1st thing. Will the system restore created by the FRST undo all the changes and put my pc back to exac
  12. I see now that the downloads is just other people here downloading the file. That seems very odd since this fix is for my pc and could damage someone else's computer. I am still new to the forums sorry about the confusion.
  13. Hello, thank you for the reply and your assistance.... was wondering if you can let me know what this fix or fixes are? Also does it matter if I have ran another FRST scan since the last post? I ended up resetting my hosts file with adwcleaner since there were a lot of issues there and wanted to be sure it was fixed. I see 3 downloads so are there 3 fixes? I'm just truly interested to know what you gathered from my FRST log and Addition log and what will happen with this being done. Thanks for the info!
  14. Sure thing and thank you for the quick reply! I have removed Zecter Zumo drive from my pc with Revo and a couple of other files since my last post so I re-ran the recovery tool and will provide the newest Addition file. I won't change anything else until we are done here. It looked like it had suspicious activity and I don't use it. I also noticed task scheduler has super anti spyware task which i don't use that program and removed it from programs and a roc_sys_task believed to be associated with avg or malware and an FGRUN from a game I don't use and is not in programs in control panel. I tr
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