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  1. The GoldenGate folder is marked as hidden in "C://Users/soraShiroPowered/Appdata/Roaming", whilst the Gameo is in "C://Users/soraShiroPowered/Appdata/Local"

    I do not know what these are, as I did not manually install them.


    Can I just get a "Yes, this is Malware" or a "No, This is not Malware" please, so that future users can more quickly find out?





    I am open to further instructions, as well as information such as how it got there, as I saw a lot of other users with this; and was curious what program/website it even came from.

    (log attached..)




    Gonna uninstall Vosteran, don't worry about that part of the log..

    (also, yes, I did edit the dirs for personal info... I'm just cautious with my info on the net.

    Didn't change anything but the usernames in the dirs.)



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