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  1. So imagine there was a viral infection going around. We shouldn't let some people know because we can't inform everyone? Give me a break. It would've been better to inform as many people as possible. I get it -- MB doesn't want bad publicity and are trying to "hide" this issue for over a month now. But, frankly, they should have worked harder to inform people. If not by e-mail then social media, MS forums, etc (just google "windows 7 freezing up January 2019") and you'll see lots of forums with clueless and desperate PC users
  2. With all due respect to MB, mkaz is right: like almost everyone here, I stumbled onto this issue after several days of trial-and-error, a costly process in a profession where using computers is necessary. It was so frustrating having to do all sorts of nutty things to "unstick" windows (unload NVIDIA, reload drivers, blah blah blah). >>> Instead of apologizing here (preaching to the choir), I suggest MB should have and could have sent all MB users an email alerting us of this issue. So many days wasted because of MB's asinine and petulant attitude.
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