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  1. Thanks for the detailed information, djacobson. I hope the issue gets resolved soon for all other users. Malwarebytes worked well for me in the past, but these serious issues lead me to make the decision to look at another product.
  2. Hi folks, I also had a series of BSODs on a Win 2008 Std R2 server caused by farflt.sys. I did a Malwarebytes update a few days prior to the BSOD. Had to work with Microsoft to identify the problem. To resolve the issue, I completely uninstalled Malwarebytes and rebooted. I had this software on five servers, I have removed it from all and am looking at alternatives. Can't afford to have a server down for almost a day due to a faulty software package. (And this is not the first time Malwarebytes caused issues - about a year or so ago, one of their updates caused all sorts of problems - ha
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