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  1. Alright. Thank you so much again! Have a great rest of your day
  2. I think you may have done it.... The setup.exe is no longer running in Task Manager and the installshield folder isnt there anymore... I am so so so so grateful... I cant put into words how much you have saved me.... One final thing though. Is Malwarebytes supposed to use a lot of CPU? My CPU percentage seems to be higher since I installed it. Also is it okay to delete FRST etc now?
  3. Okay thank you Also I have deleted the installshield folder while I am in Safe Mode and they dont seem to have come back yet, but I feel like it will most likely come back when I boot back into normal mode. But also thank you for the help so far. Even though I still have a virus, i'm glad you're spending a ton of your time helping me
  4. There were a few domains so I exported them too. pool.monero.hashvault.pro.txt pool.minexmr.com.txt pool.supportxmr.com.txt
  5. Okay I just scanned and the scan worked, but it still has uncovered no threats. I am also running in safe mode again because I cannot run it in normal mode as I said. I really dont know why it cannot identify it as a threat even though malwarebytes blocks the pop ups from opening and proceeds to tell me what program opened the pop up:( I am starting to lose hope...
  6. Is it okay if I do it tomorrow as it is getting late in the UK?
  7. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/0cdc1f1fa8a1b43afddba16170ff51ab427827bbb3ed4b49871d435f5f258338/detectionI am also back in Safe Mode with Networking
  8. No threats were detected. I tried it again and scanned the folder of the threat specifically, but Malwarebytes still doesnt see it as a threat:(
  9. I cannot run the FRST program in normal mode. The same thing happens and it freezes. And also yes it gets recreated. I found a way to delete it earlier, but is recreated not long after being deleted
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