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  1. Yep, that did it! I had a different malware running in the background and turned that off - went to general under privacy and Alllw option was there. All is well and protection is now turned on. Thank you so much!!
  2. Yes, I’ve done the unlock numerous times.
  3. I went through the steps exactly as written. The same message prevents activating protection. I took a screen shot below. Again, when I follow those instructions and go to privacy - there is no option "Allow". Thank you so much for helping out!
  4. Thank you! Yes I did all of this but received an error message stating App was unable to complete and to go to privacy settings (which I did) and hit approve. The screen shown in my privacy settings offer no such option to approve anything but merely shows permissions in left column with apps granted access in right. Again, looking for advice from here.
  5. I recently upgraded to the premium version of Malwarebytes for two Mac devices. I had no issue activating for desktop running High Sierra but for laptop running Mojave 10.14 I am unable to activate real time protection. Instruction state to go to privacy settings and hit approve. When privacy settings come up, there is no option to approve anything. I have tried including Malwarebytes in Accessibility as well as full disk access to no avail. Can someone help me with this issue and/or send appropriate detailed instruction on how to activate real time protection for Mojave 10.14? Am I being stupid?
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