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  1. I have been running with the Pre-beta ver for over 24 hrs without a problem. All shields on. LOOKS GOOD !!!
  2. My listed Network Adapters are Broadcom Nextreme 57xxGigabit Controller Realtek USB GBE Family Controller VPN Client Adapter - VPN and under Network Infrastructure Devices is listed Microsoft Wireless Router Module
  3. The above list didn't capture properly -sorry 'bout that. Here is a screen capture of my installed progs from the add/remove prog screen.
  4. I'm attaching a list of my installed programs - perhaps other lockup sufferers could supply the same and something common might be found. InstallList.txt
  5. I hasten to add that my other machine running MB Pro as well has no issues at all.
  6. Over the past 2 days,I have run my system with individual protection modules disabled, and watched for lockups. The results are shown below. -------------------------------------------------- PROTECTION MODULE _________________ Web - Exploit - Malware - Ransomware --- Result on on on off Lockup (within an hour) on on off on Lockup " on off on on Lockup " off on on on NO Lockup (ran for 12hrs to verify) on off off off Lockup (2 mins after startup) To this 73 Yr old, retired Control Data mainframe Engineer, it would appear that the Web Protection module has issues. I realise how involved a software problem can be to fix. Good luck to your team as they try to pin down the problem. Anything else you want from me --Just ask. PS-I'm no software guru - just an old hardware troubleshooter - can't seem to get it out of my system <Grin> Brendan.
  7. Hi Everyone. Just to add another input on this subject. W7 pro 64Bit Dell T3500 -Xeon proc - 24 GB ram NV GT710 ----------------------------------------- I have been having the same issue for weeks now, after updating from 3.3.1 (which worked fine) to 3.6.1. Random freezes varying wildly in frequency. I have removed the windows update KB4471318 and that made no difference I turned off ransomware protection - no difference. I am running fine after removing MB from the system. I am attaching the requested info from above. Hope this helps. Thanks, Brendan. MB Freezing Dump.zip WindowsUpdate.log
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