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  1. Hi Thomas, Thanks a lot! Your response is prompt and helpful as always So MalwareBytes for Mac will autoupdate anyway right? Cheers, Ivan.
  2. Hi all, Wonders how MalwareBytes for Mac checks for update to the main application (not the Protection), because I just found that 3.7 is released on Feb. 21 however my installation remains on 3.6.21 until I manually hit "Check for Updates..." in the menu. I expected automatic check should've been standard these days? Also, is there plan for MalwareBytes for Mac being notarized (or running with hardened runtime?) Thanks p.s. my Protection definition updates runs well and automatically. so i don't think it's firewall rules or connection issues.
  3. Wonderful! that would be super helpful. Hope to see it soon Thanks a lot
  4. Hi Malwarebytes team, Wondering if you could consider adding a "padlock" to the preference pane and dashboard Real-Time Protection section. I just found out today that the settings and Real-Time Protection can be changed/turned off without second confirmation of user credential. Even an Apple-ish padlock would be good enough for preventing accidental changes. Thanks a lot!
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