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  1. Alright! Looks like the Junkware tool has been de-commissioned as of 18April 2018 (No service available). But I assume it is still downloadable. Will have to go check. Thank you for your generous information and cooperation.
  2. Okay, Thank A Lot! Now I know I was on a Snipe Hunt.... :D So whenevver there are problems you download it to check for nasties then delete/not use it again?
  3. I got it downloaded but for some reason it says it expires in 6 days. So I assume that it will soon be asking me to pay for a subscription?
  4. I am a desk top home user and inexperienced in any advanced computer techniques/manipulation/input.(Equipment: Dell computer/Windows 7 Program) I downloaded MalwareBytes a while back and it pulled 5 Trojans off my computer. I was told it was a FREE program, but after a few days discovered that registration payment was due after "X amount of time". Someone is using the program on a laptop and insists he never has to pay a penny. I deleted the program and went back searching for the absolutely "free" Malwarebytes download--didn't find. At this time I keep getting a report when trying to download
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