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  1. I will get a flashdrive and do the FRST thing later om.
  2. I can now access this site without a phone! I managed to disable the rootkits internet blocker.
  3. Hey, sorry, been busy. I didn't get any results with malwarebytes. Can you just analyze my FRST logs? This is a rootkit, I'm computer savvy and have tried many methods at remedying this
  4. No I can send files through email it's literally just this website that is blocked. It doesn't block the use of recovery tools just this website.
  5. Sir, may you please just email it to me or reupload it? I'm suffering from circumstances right now that prohibit that.
  6. I dont have access to a clean computer. I installed those before making the thread
  7. The rootkit blocks the website. Im on my phone.
  8. Please upload a mirror (not mbam) this site is blocked.
  9. Malwarebytes detects a mail.ru adware and removes it but it always comes back an hour later.
  10. (https://pastebin.com/Npxh265M) FRST (https://pastebin.com/tsheYtuC) Addition (contains suspicious items) I can provide a link to a quora member's post that infected me with this very persistant rootkit.
  11. Oh wait missed the gather logs part lol okay will have logs soon
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