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  1. Most recent version of MB, just checked on download file.. 3.6.1 Any ideas anyone?
  2. I had attached the zip file before, but am doing it again in case that is necessary. Thanks mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi, A happy new year to all. Sorry for this long message. My computer (win 7 pro) freezes when malwarebytes real time protection is running. i have the premium version and for antivirus i have MS security essentials running. Basically mouse, keyboard dont respond shortly after reboot and have to hold power button to reboot. If i dont have MB real time (or dynamically) running, it works fine. If i run windows in safe mode including with networking it does not freeze (and thats how i am typing right now on this forum). I have tried running the MB support software and under advanced, ran the clean function to delete MB, then rebooted and it installed the MB software on reboot by downloading. PC froze about 10 mins later. If I run the clean function, and i manually download and install MB from your site and then reboot it still freezes. If i dont install MB after clean function, it does not freeze. It also does not freeze in safe mode. So what should I do? I have attached most recent MB support grab zip file (under windows safe prompt) Thank you. [ The following is some pertinent history that led me to posting and it may or may not have anything to do with the issue. So skip it but wanted to mention... As a background a month ago (approx) noted freezes on my win 7 pc, which had been pretty stable for the prior 6-7 years. I had then malwarebytes (premium) and avira running. At that time i thought it was a windows update that caused it so i restored to older version without much benefit. Then i thought it was an Avira issue and deleted it (had to manually do it under safe prompt) and deactivated Malwarebytes real time protection before installing microsoft security essentials (was pondering whether avast would have similar problems so didnt want to install it). Reactivated MB real time protection (honestly dont remember if i did reinstall MB or not since at that time i didnt think it had anything to do with freezes). Things were fine for three weeks. A few days back i updated a VPN but it wouldnt go through and the support (torguard vpn) recommended uninstalling malwarebytes (since they believe that creates an issue), and reinstalling the vpn and then when confirmed that it worked, reinstall Malwarebytes. This is what i did, but since then i have had repeated freezing of the win 7 pc sometimes withing minutes of starting windows. On googling realized that some have reported freezes with MB which i never previously search for!! That led me to the above course. ] Thank you. mbst-grab-results.zip
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