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  1. No, it's not 'self-explanatory'... otherwise people wouldn't be asking what this is about. We just received update notices after re-enabling 'application updates' after the Windows 7 'freeze/hang' fiasco from Dec-Feb. Many of us use our computers to work from home and/or run a small buiness; thus a machine may serve in one, the other, or both capacities. Considering the manner in which MB subscriptions are renewed and charged, some users have legimate concerns about being over-charged (upon automated renewal) if they select 'Work Computer'. At the same time, you stated "there are no -major- differences..." Well, what are the minor differences? It's not self-explanatory with two simple buttons, and yet no text, no explanation, nor any feature lists. Furthermore, I use an Enterprise version of Windows in our home-based law office. So again, what are the "additional functionalities" with the 'work computer' selection? Frankly, we don't want a bunch of 'push' marketing at our law office. Is that the only feature of selecting 'Work Computer' ?
  2. Might be another issue with your system, as almost nobody saw a BSOD with this issue... just a deadlock freeze. Have you run SFC (System File Checker) on it?
  3. Very interesting. That is one of the issues that Microsoft (i.e. Mark Russinovich & Pedro Teixeira, etal) improved with Windows 8 and Server 2012 (NT 6.2): the process scheduler and thread pooling. i.e. Blocking and race conditions. That could explain why only Windows 7 was impacted, as it does not handle some multi-threaded conditions as well as later versions of the NT core.
  4. I think most of us share your frustration, but you can be certain there is a 'limitation of liability' clause in the EULA. The work-around of rolling back to the previous component package works perfectly fine and offers full protection. It would be prudent for MBAM to make previous versions available for users (i.e. archive directory for subscribers).
  5. At this point, 1 & 2 are no longer mutually exclusive... It's been 5 weeks. Had they made the issue known to their subscription base in a timely manner, they might have more data to analyze the problem. A quick search reveals users who have been struggling with 'freezing' for 3+ weeks, and yet have no clue as to the cause: SevenForums BleepingComputer TomsHardware answers.microsoft etc.
  6. You're welcome. I"m glad you found your way over here. However, I would recommend a roll-back to Component Package version 1.0.418 so you have full protection online. There are many other Windows 7 users out there trying to troubleshoot their systems by throwing good money after bad, along with a lot of wasted time and productivity. In almost every case, nobody suspects MBAM software to be the source of their problems. Affected users start testing RAM, swapping video cards, changing drivers, power supplies, mice/keyboards, updates, etc... until they do a search on 'Windows 7 Freeze MBAM', or someone tells them about the issue, the problem remains unsolved (for weeks in some cases). I know the MBAM staff has been working on the issue, but a few of us indicated the problem was likely more widespread than they realized (partly because it was holiday break). If you look at our profiles, you'll notice many of us are new. i.e. We've been cruising along for years without any issues on Win7 + MBAM, and many of us are computer or IT veterans. More sites are encountering the issue and are surprised when they are informed the problem lies with MBAM. A few prominent sites are questioning why Malwarebytes hasn't 'taken ownership' of the problem after 3 weeks with some sort of advisory or annoucement. This is a PR disaster in the making, yet they had a chance to get in front of it 2-3 weeks ago... One editor wondered if the problem was bigger: "How many Windows 10 users encounter this problem and just 'chalk it up to MS' and Windows 10 updates? Hello MBAM?"
  7. I see no indication that has been definitively proved or disproved. Apparently, MB has not even successfully replicated the issue at their lab, AFAIK. In my case, only 4 things changed; one being only the definitions (not the CP), plus two minor browser version updates (Chrome & Firefox), and finally the KB patches. I'm referencing one box: same CPU, hardware, BIOS, chipset, drivers, etc; only difference between two fresh system installations is listed above. One freezes, one doesn't. That implies MS patch(es) induced the issue, or a specific combo of KB patches + CP 1.0.508 + def version... as now I have -no- freezes with CP 1.0.508 + UP 1.0.8730 (defs) Thus, the ability to roll-back to previous definitions might help with isolating the problem.
  8. @LiquidTension I have completed re-installation of the OS/software for the Dell T3610 system which had been freezing. So far, no freezes or hangs, but read on... First of all, the current MB definitions on the machine are newer. Is there a way to roll-back my definition file to the 'bad' update package version: 1.0.8663 ? As it stands now, the MBAM version is: CP version: 1.0.508 UP version: 1.0.8730 I have a backup system image and restore points for testing. Other than the above, the only differences between my current system configuration and the previous (freezing) configuration are: Win 7.1 Ultimate vs (Enterprise)* KB patches/rollups Firefox version Chrome version * The only difference between Ultimate & Enterprise is the licensing/activation mechanism. Enterprise uses KMS. This weekend I will be configuring another Dell system (T5610), and I will use the previous ISO which exhibited freezing (different KB patches). At that point, I can provide you with KB 'deltas' between the 2 installs, and perhaps isolate any MS patches with may be contributing to the issue.
  9. THAT ^ has been on my mind for a few days. i.e. One of more commonly cited symptoms is an idle computer, and then increasing occurrences of freezing. Eventually, my system got to the point where it was freezing minutes after boot/logon; whereas the first few freezes took 7-10 hours to occur between restarts. MBAM definition update bug?
  10. Indeed. That's one of the reasons I pasted a link to the comment/post over at TenForums.com (with identical symptoms). How many users think the freeze is due to Windows 10, MS, etc... and never consider MBAM, let alone contact MB? This is not to say MBAM is the sole source of the problem, since MS creates a 'moving target' every month...
  11. To MBAM staff, et-al: Saw this post over on TenForums.com Identical to symptoms when I began troubleshooting freezes on a Dell T3610... including speaker anomaly. https://www.tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/123256-random-freeze-preceeded-sudden-speaker-static.html
  12. Nope... most of my patch #'s stop at around KB 315xxxx. I have one patch from 2017: KB4019990. Otherwise the patching is over a year out of date, as was the prior system configuration which had been freezing... I'm trying to replicate the problem as I rebuild the system.
  13. Okay, it's been a few days, but I want to follow-up: I have been methodically reinstalling the OS, software, and updates while observing the behavior with MBAM CP 1.0.508 and saving restore points as I go. Same hardware & drivers as before, except Windows 7.1 Ultimate instead of Enterprise. I'm down to the last main software package: Adobe CC 2018 (tedious install) and then a few utilities like 7zip, etc. So far, no freezes or hangs. I know MBAM engineers are focusing on a network adapter/driver issue, and that is a possibilty. However, when my system was freezing (on the prior OS installation), I was able to access 'administrative shares' ( e.g. \\machine\C$ ) and ping the adapter on several occasions. I did come across a KB patch/article in which MS mentioned certain network drivers being bricked by the patch. Unfortunately, it was 2-3 a.m. and I was too sleep deprived to note the KB#. So, the remaining possiblities I've isolated in my case are: FireFox (Quantum) version 60 thru 62.x.x.x Mozilla has since updated FFQ to 64.0, so I can't retest. Chrome browser Adobe CC (specifically Adobe services which update, launch, or authenticate Acrobat and CC apps) Nvidia driver 242.00 Other than the above, it might be an obscure OS patch or a specific combination of drivers/patches. I won't be able to debug with this machine (Dell T3610) because it needs to be put into production asap... I'm over a week behind. However, if my upcoming installation (Dell T5610) starts freezing, I'll let you know. 😉
  14. Brendan_N: Okay, I see the full list. ( uTorrent... 😎 ) So, how many of us are running NVidia drivers?
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