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  1. This is a virus. I contacted Hisense and the service agent did not disagree with me when I said that this is a virus. Secondly, he suggested that I simply connect my phone to my PC or laptop, find the folder that the file is in, and delete it. If this was a proper system file I doubt very strongly that he would suggest this course of action and he would have defended his employer and brand against the statement that I made regarding the FACT that, on this specific phone, this is a virus. Also, RaZerIsloveHoe, don't call people stupid or ignorant - ignorant people think they know better than everybody else... You have NO IDEA what other people know, so please don't be irrational and assume you know why people make the statements that they make.
  2. I have a Hisense U989 Pro. I have disabled this app many times before, but it enables itself again. Is there anything else I can do?
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