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  1. Update ... So far so good. No crashes or hangs since installation of the latest Malwarebytes update. I've also re-introduced MSE into the anti-virus mix with no ill effects, though whether MSE adds anything to the Malwarebytes Premium protection I don't know. I suppose it might help a zero-day scenario, or if one or other of the two programs updates its virus protection before the other. I can report that if I do venture somewhere unsafe on the internet, it is invariably Malwarebytes that tells me about it. I don't think that MSE has ever got there before Malwarebytes.
  2. The version I installed was downloaded from your Latest Update link just above. The setup file downloaded is: mb3-setup-consumer- I downloaded it again, but it won't install. I get the message in the attached file: InstallationError_Jan 30th 2019. This has been an on-going issue for some time, whenever you announce a new version. So I ran your support tool (mb-support- and clicked on Repair, which says that it downloads the latest version and reinstalls. It has reinstalled, and your About page tells me it has installed: Malwarebytes version: Component Package version: 1.0.527 Update package version: 1.0.9018 There is nothing that says anything about the "Controllers Version: 1.0.519" you mention or where that can be downloaded. Settings > Application > Install Application Updates tells me that "No updates are available". So I have no idea whether I have installed the version that you mention, nor whether the problems with WLM have been fixed! Pls. advise Best rgds InstallationError_Jan 30th 2019.doc
  3. Yes, I have UAC habitually turned off. Can'r recall why, but may be something to do with runing VBA macros in Word. New log details attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Uh-oh! Just had a complete system lockup while writing an email with WLM. Only other app running was Chrome. Ran the Support tool and diagnostics are attached. Disappointed.... MBAMDiagnostics.zip
  5. So far so good ... Haven't restarted running MSE simultaneously with MalwareBytes yet. Wonder if it really adds any additional security. (BTW, a friend had a severe ransomware attack a few years back using just MSE on its own. After 10 days of angst and trying everything, he got out of it using Shadow Explorer to restore shadow copies - a useful tip.)
  6. To DCollins and MalwareBytes Support. Can you let us know if you are still working on this issue. On my laptop, it only manifests if MalwareBytes is running when I exit WLM, so I have to remember to exit MalwareBytes before exiting WLM, and then to restart Malwarebytes afterwards. That's a nuisance, but sometimes I forget and on about a third of those occasions, when rebooting, my computer runs CHKDISK, finding numerous broken bits of files. That is dangerous as well as disruptive to work, and I too am wondering what to use in place of my paid-for Malwarebytes Premium. At least you guys at support could give us some kind of an update on what's happening at your end to fix the problem. Does anyone know whether MS-Security Essentials also causes the lock-up problem with WLM when Malwarebytes is not running, or is the issue a lock-up between Malwarebytes and MS-Security Essentials.
  7. Just sent some emails and then inadvertently (by habit) exited WLM, and everything froze. Even the mouse pointer. I was running Chrome and MS-Office at the time. I ran your log collection program, which is attached. In the process, WLM also lost all my emails. On startup, WLM said something like "Recovering your emails", but it didn't. Fortunately I had done a backup on Dec 28th, so not too much has been lost, and you get another log out of it for investigation. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. No problem. Here it is. And as a special New Year's treat I managed to freeze my computer by sending an email in WLM and then almost immediately exiting WLM by clicking the X. After about 10 or 15 secs, I heard the fan (=CPU) power up and everything froze (including the Windows key function) except for the mouse pointer. So that should be almost the last thing on the log before the forced power down and restart. BTW, I could still move the pointer around with the mouse, but nothing responded to any clicks. When running Malwarebytes alongside MS-SE, even the mouse pointer freezes. The freeze would seem to have some element of timing in it because it doesn't always happen, and if I leave several minutes between sending/receiving emails, the likelihood of a freeze is less. Temporarily quitting Malwarebytes is the only safe way to exit WLM at the moment. Presently, MS-SE is permanently disabled. Thanks mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Oh, and to answer dcollins query above, I have two email accounts ( @btinternet.com and @gmail.com), both using POP3 to collect emails into WLM. btinternet.com is closely associated with yahoo.
  10. Same thing has been happening to me for around two weeks, when exiting Windows Live Mail in Windows 7 Ultimate. I have been running Malwarebytes and MS Security Essentials in tandem. Windows completely freezes on clicking the X to exit WLM. It doesn't happen every time though. I think that if I leave some time between sending/receiving emails and exiting WLM, the problem is less likely to occur. Online sources say that the same thing is happening with MS Security Essentials. So I stopped using MS-SE, and the problem happened less frequently, but still happened. If I close down Malwarebytes before exiting WLM, I have yet to have the problem. Malwarebytes did once freeze the computer when I tried to open a Word *.docx file direct by clicking the attachment. Otherwise, I have only ever experienced the problem when exiting WLM by clicking the X. I first repaired and then reloaded WLM from an old copy of the installation file (MS no longer support WLM), but the problem persisted. It is odd that (at least) two antivirus programs should simultaneously develop the same problem with the same software - which has not been changed. Maybe there is a newish virus out there that both MS-SE and Malwarebytes are both detecting, but are at the same time also misidentifying some aspect of WLM with the virus.
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