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  1. I can't figure out how to edit my post. I see that 527 has been already released today. Excellent news, thank you everyone for your hard work.
  2. To follow up, I have over 4 days uptime now without a single problem. My system would have defiantly locked up by now with the previous build. I was getting lockups approx once every 24 hours and never was able to go more than a day and a half. I recommend anyone using Windows 7 who had to turn off any of the features to update to this build. Dave
  3. I have been running component package 527 for over 48 hours now with no issues or freezes. This is on a windows 7 64bit system that I first posted about here: This system would lockup approx once every 24 hours, almost always when the system was idle and not in use. I do however have some network cameras attached so even while idle it was using network traffic. One time it locked up while I resetting my router, other than that I was never able to reproduce the cause of the issue, it would just randomly lockup at least once every 24 hours. Since installing 1.0.527 I have
  4. I keep thinking about all the people who are experiencing lockups that have no idea what is causing the problem. Most people may not be experianced enough to figure out it's malwarebytes. Even I thought it was a hardware problem and wasted several days in that direction. You really should consider rolling back systems to the previous component package, send out the previous one as a live update. If your able to send out the "update" to only windows 7 systems, all the better. If you have to send it out to everyone than do it, if it was good enough a couple months ago it's good enough u
  5. My system also has the Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection. ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, Intel CPU, Intel chipset. But I can't disable the NIC, my accounting program uses the MAC as one of the hardware identifiers for activation. I'm still closing out last year and can't go without it. Dave
  6. Post #19 on the first page of this topic has a link to a 3'rd party site you can download a previous version from. Dave
  7. I never installed the December windows update, in fact I'm a few months behind. Also, this system is not a Dell, it's self built with a ASUS P8Z77-V PRO motherboard. Since turning off Everything in Malwarebytes I have now gone 8 days without it freezing with the system being on 24/7 since. Before it was freezing up about once a day and it never went more than a day and a half without locking up. Oddly, most of the time (more then 8 out of 10) it would freeze up overnight or early morning without the system being used. It was random times and did not correspond to any o
  8. I have been experiencing the same lockup problem for weeks. Windows 7 /64 and did not install the December windows updates. I spent hours and hours trying to figure out the problem I thought for sure it was hardware related and wasted my time cleaning the fans, updating my video drivers, testing and even changing my RAM, using temp and voltage monitors, etc, etc. 3 days ago I thought it might be Malwarebytes because I tried everything else and (no offense) the last major problems I have had was due to your program. (The malformed update last January, the VSS conflict, High CPU u
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