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  1. And thank you so much LiquidTension for enduring the storm! My hat is off to you and all on your team for an excellent job, A+! Your team has saved my rear end hundreds of times with Malwarebytes and have generated countless dollars saved by me and my customers. You guys are still the best, including all your tools and identifying and grabbing up those excellent tools that we all have used before you got your hands on them.
  2. "multi-processor synchronization" Ah, just as I thought! Was it the Russians or Global warming? Thank you guys so much for identifying a complicated problem and staying with us 'very random' freeze issues complainers. The complaints were all across the board. As an early complainer, your forum was invaluable to me, since I first identified a hardware problem, upgraded the hardware and OS, and it was fixed (little did I know at the time WIN10 was the real fix for me). The second workstation had the exact same motherboard, so I was convinced something wasn't happy with the particular
  3. I think I identified the problem... it's the Russians! Yeah, either that or global warming. But I'm not ruling out sunspots. You know how this works... a Forbes technical writer picks up on this freezing then all the news feeds carry the article with their spin. In a few days, millions are having freezing problems... and some will even have Malwarebytes installed. I think the MWB staff should adopt how QuickBooks rolls out their solutions. I just installed a patch on about 20 workstations. After patching a few, I ran it on one workstation and no "Install" or "Cancel" button... OK, I'll c
  4. I will refresh what my problem from another thread and give you some info. I have a customer with about 20 workstations. Near the end of November, they started having some computers freezing. I was slowly in the process of upgrading all their computers. Basically, this means going from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro with a new motherboard, RAM, and hard drive. The first few that were freezing I thought was due to some compatibility issue of the motherboard so the fix was easy with the upgrade, and they didn't experience a freeze with MWB installed (WIN 10 machines). Once it appeared to be an MWB issu
  5. For my 2 cents. I don't think it is related to MSE or any other antivirus. And for those surprised that you can run MSE with Malwarebytes, we've been doing it for years on Win 7 machines and Defender on Win 10 machines. They work very well together. Someone said one of the computers they were using didn't have Win updates installed for over a year, so that would probably rule out a current (around the end of November since we had them start freezing at the end of November) WIN OS update. I am guessing an update/bug in Chrome or MBAM. This has to be a hard one since the freeze is so random
  6. As a previous programmer, before there was even a Microsoft, I can say one of the worst things you can do (for all parties involved) is taking ownership of a problem that may not be yours (and just as bad blaming others). You first go through these steps: Consistently duplicate the problem. (Clearly, intermittent problems take the longest to identify) Find in your code where the problem occurs. Find out if it is actually your code causing the problem or some other app causing the problem, such as a third party conflict, API, MS update, etc. Then decide what you are goin
  7. Same problem here. 3.6.1. Have a customer with 20 computers all have Malwarebytes installed. Most are Win 7, some are Win10. Have no problems with Win 10. About 7 computers (that we know of) randomly freeze since the end of November. We use MSE, Malwarebytes (paid), QuickBooks Enterprise, Office 2016 (not 365), Chrome as our common software. Freezes, and Ctrl-Alt-Del, doesn't work... must power off. If Malwarebytes is uninstalled we experience no problems. All OS is up to date and we stay current. Ditto QuickBooks.
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