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  1. Off topic, but I've just looked back, and our previous conversation was not about this, it was about MB apparently not being able to contact the licence server. Just to let you know, I in fact moved that licenced copy of MB to another computer, and left the previous computer with Defender only. The new installation of MB does not show the licence server problem, so it must have been an issue with the first machine. I guess we'll never know now what it was! It was only now that I decided to query the "Periodic Scanning" issue on the new machine. I'm afraid I can't remember wheth
  2. Ah, thanks! 👍 In that case I will switch off MB being registered with Defender, and see how that goes. If I run into any problems I will report them of course, but from what you say it should be OK. Cheers, Dave. 🙂
  3. Thanks, and I'm sorry if I have raised this before, I completely forgot that! This is actually now on a completely different machine, so that's my excuse! 😳 If I turn off the registration of MB with Windows Security, Windows security reverts to being as normal, as if MB wasn't there. Does this not mean that both programs are doing real-time scanning though? I've always been led to believe that this is not a good idea having two separate programs doing it! Cheers, Dave. 🙂
  4. I'm running Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.0 on Windows 10 2004 64 bit, and I would like some clarification on its interaction with the standard Microsoft Windows Security system. I have MB set to register in Windows Security, and the Windows Security UI displays it as the installed AV program. It also allows me to additionally select something called "Periodic Scanning", which I assume means that although MB does most of the protection work, Windows Security (Defender as was) will occasionally still do a scan, but not do the real-time protection. That sounded very good to me, as I ha
  5. Thanks again. I don't know exactly how long my installation of MB has had this problem, but I've never seen the error message pop up spontaneously. It only appears if I run the UI, and if I dismiss it, it then only appears again if I go to the accounts tab in the settings. The account information displayed there appears to be correct, but probably needs to be refreshed, and that it can't do at the moment by the look of it. I will report back if i get a resolution, as it may help anyone else who has the same issue. Cheers, Dave. 🙂
  6. Thanks, yes I have checked out everything I can, and there seems to be no explanation for the issue in my case. I've actually tried turning the Windows 10 firewall completely off, and the error message is still there, so that's not blocking the access. If MB 3.5.1 can apparently connect with no problem (on two different machines), I assume that there is nothing intrinsic to my internet connection that's causing the issue. It could still be a configuration issue just on the machine that has the problem of course, but I can't for the life of me see what it could be. I'm sure you're right
  7. Hi again, sorry for the delay in reporting back. I tried changing to the Google 8:8:8:8 DNS, but no difference I'm afraid, the error is still coming up every time I run the MB interface. It automatically updated to version 4.1.2 earlier today, and that made no difference either. I've done some more searching, and there are a large number of reports about this error on Malwarebytes, but nobody seems to have any definitive solution. I should mention that I'm running Malwarebytes 3.5.1 on a couple of old Windows XP installations, and neither of them ever show this problem, and
  8. Thanks, cheers indeed! 😁 Anyway, I've done some more tests, with fast startup switched off, and the license server access error is still coming up every time I start the Malwarebytes interface. Switching off "register in the Windows Security Center" has stopped the Windows Defender nagging me to attend to an unspecified issue in Malwarebytes, so it's at least hiding the problem to some extent, but things still aren't right. Any other suggestions? 🤔
  9. OK, I will do some more thorough tests and see if having Fast Start on is actually really worthwhile. If it's causing problems with MB I will probably do without it. Thanks for all your help. must go to bed now, it's nearly 2am here in England! Cheers, Dave. 🙂
  10. OK, I did that and the alert in Windows Defender has gone away. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing to do or not though! 🤔
  11. Ah, yes of course! 😄 I want to use Fast Start though as it's a pretty underpowered machine and it makes it start up much more quickly. Is Fast Start actually incompatible with Malwarebytes, I certainly hope not! 🙂
  12. It connects automatically. I always do a full shutdown when I'm at home. 🙂
  13. @exile360 I don't use any proxy or DNS. I'm sorry, but why should I have to set up an alternative DNS to stop this happening in Malwarebytes when my system is completely standard? That implies that almost everyone would have to do this! @Porthos Yes, but there has been never a time recently when the machine hasn't had a connection when it's running. This problem has only started to happen in the last couple of days! 🙂
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