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  1. I guess it's just a bit slow to run, which doesn't tell WSC quickly enough that MB is installed and active, so WSC starts in its normal node with the periodic scanning option unavailable, and it doesn't reactivate it when Defender does detect MB and switches control of things like real-time scanning over to it. I wonder if that actually is the problem for everyone with this issue, regardless of what security software they're using? 🙂
  2. Thanks, yes I've noticed that delay as well before WD recognises MB as being the primary security software and disables itself. Whether that has anything to do with the periodic scanning setting problem I don't know, but it's possible that if the system was shut down with it enabled, any delay in MB registering itself on the next startup could cause WD to decide that there is no other security program installed, which would result in the periodic scan option switching off as WD thinks it's actually unavailable. When WD finally recognises MB, of course the option has already been switched off and doesn't turn back on again. In fact the more I think about it, the more likely that seems to be the root cause of the problem! 🙂
  3. That's exactly what I do, I keep MB and WD active all the time. This has never caused any obvious problems. And yes, MRT does its thing every month too (although I've noticed a few months when there hasn't been one). 🙂
  4. OK. Up to now I've been doing a scheduled scan with MB every week on Mondays and leaving WD to do a quick scan in the background whenever it wants to. I think/hope that's probably enough. 🙂
  5. Agreed! If I get anything back from Microsoft about this (yeah, right!) I'll let you all know! Thanks everyone for their help. Cheers, Dave. 🙂.
  6. OK, fair enough! 😁 It would be good to know why it works for some people and not others though, with any security program. I guess unless Microsoft identify the problem and acknowledge and correct it, and document it, we will never know what the problem actually is. I might put a report in on the Windows 10 Feedback Hub about it. 🙂
  7. Thanks very much @lmacri, that's exactly the behaviour I'm seeing! So, it does seem as if this is possibly only a problem with Malwarebytes Premium, that it is disabling the periodic scanning option when it starts up, where other security suites are not doing so. I'm assuming that this isn't "by design". I will be very interested to know the result of your further investigations. Cheers, Dave. 🙂
  8. Thanks guys, sorry for the delay in responding, I was in bed here in England! So I guess I'll carry on as before, with both MB and WD fully running, which always seemed to be OK. I was just puzzled as to the behaviour of that setting in WD, and interesting that it may not actually be valid anyway with my version of Windows 10 (64 bit Pro) as if that was the case surely it shouldn't even be offered as an option! Also good to know that it appearing to enable fine but not staying on over a reboot seems to be a fairly common problem, and it's not just me! What made me ask was that I thought that possibly MB was disabling the option when it started up, which I assumed it shouldn't be doing. I have read in many places that having more than one security program running is not advisable as they can clash with each other, but when I first got MB on Windows 10 I asked here about that and the consensus was that with MB it should be OK, as it's not the same as most other security/AV programs, and WD gives some protections with MB does not cover. I can't remember the details I'm afraid, but I'm sure I can look up the thread! 🙂
  9. Ah, that's not actually the problem! When that setting is in on in MB, MB replaces WD for things like real-time scanning, exactly as it should do. When that setting is off in MB, MB and WD are both enabled, which seems to work fine as well. The problem is that when the setting is on, WD has a setting which allows WD to do a "periodic scan" even if another security program has taken over. It's that which isn't working properly. I can enable it and it enables fine, but on a reboot it's switched off again, which it shouldn't do! I'm assuming that MB is doing this, and it shouldn't. This is the option I'm talking about - 😀
  10. Thanks, I'll do the clean operation and report back. I did say that I harvested the logs while MB was not registered in WD, that option was switched off. Was that right? 🤔
  11. OK, here they are! Sorry, I had assumed that the file would be too big to attach here. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. OK, I've got the logs. I took them with MB not being registered in WD, if that wasn't the right configuration to do it in, please let me know and I'll do it again! How do I get the logs to you, the webpage says something about an e-mail? I don't have an open support ticket about this unless one has been opened for me. Thanks, Dave. 😀
  13. Thanks yes, that's exactly the option I'm referring to. I'm using MB 4.3.0, and as I said the periodic scanning option is there on my Windows Defender and can be enabled, but when I reboot it's switched off again! I'm trying to find out why it won't stay enabled. 🤔
  14. Maybe, but everything I've read implies that it's a mode that you should be able to use indefinitely, not as a one-off just for a single session. The fact that's it's a switch rather than a button seems to imply that too. 🤔
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