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  1. How to communicate with users (suggestion) It is obvious and understandable that Malwarebytes and affected users differently estimate impact of the current problem with Web protection 1.0.508 I can see that e-mail could be problematic, but other users can disagree. But Malwarebytes already has tools to send notification to users about updates. Why not to use it to send other types of Alerts, Warning and Information? The software modification is minimal, benefits are plentiful and users can turn this feature on and off. Additionally latest Alert notification can be shown on the Dashboard page with link to the forum! (I so like my idea, I think I'm genius 🤣 )
  2. I am so disagree with you, and I think I am not alone. Just provide additional information (as MB asked) to help resolve the issue. Bashing around is not helpful, except stress reliving 😏
  3. Here - https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/241223-malwarebytes-for-windows-and-windows-7-freezelock-up/ :
  4. NVIDIA GTX 745, driver v. (10/27/2017)
  5. Most of freezes I had happens overnight when my monitor is off. Few freezes I witness were when I was scrolling pages in the Firefox....
  6. OK, I got freeze with PSList script running. The last 1329 outputs are attached: PSList_output(2000-3328).zip
  7. BTW the systeminfo: systeminfo | findstr KB4471318 cannot find the KB4471318, but I can find it with control panel/program and features/installed updates ...
  8. I am still running script with PCList. Interestingly enough I had no freeze and I am on output5300.txt... I will run the script for one more night. Then I will reboot and try try to see freeze without script running. May be my next step will be uninstall KB4471318. BTW the system freezes started before 12/20/18. May be MS re issue this patch later?
  9. I am running 64bit on Win64. Did not get freeze overnight, usually I have one. I am close to output3000.txt
  10. Devin, Is it possible do not uninstall Malwarebytes 3 , but turn it off and install beta?
  11. I don't have MSE, but I run and update Windows Defender:
  12. Devin I a) enabled Web and Ransomware protection (yes, mvac.sys has appeared in system32/drivers folder) b) run your script, rebooted c) and left computer running (outlook 2016, scype, etc) But in the morning computer was in freeze state, no responses to keyboard or mouse and NO BSOD! I hard rebooted and check windows folder, just in case, - no memory.dump file. I do understand this type of bug is very hard to find, 'cause I do this for living... PM sent
  13. It is true, but the script in the Devin's file will supposedly triggers windows into creating _full_ memory dump with BSOD. We will see.
  14. Devin I cannot find mwac.sys in my system32/drivers folder... So this line in your script AFAIUnderstand will fail: verifier /standard /driver mwac.sys > NUL 2>&1
  15. Devin, will do tonight. Rebooting and freezing will require some time....

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