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  1. Again! The last time it was just one installation that I was working on that I had on my desktop. It wasn't malware and the Malware Bytes update after they fixed it no longer tagged it. Now it is all of them! I am getting so tired of this. If my clients are also having their programs quarantined, its going to be a nightmare of support by us to fix this false positive. Today Malware bytes scan has detected all of our installations as malware. These are Visual dBase installation using Install Shield. They are not malware. This is one example of the scan Malware.Heuristic.1006, C:\USER
  2. The latest Update mb3-setup-consumer- seems to be working finally. I can load Windows Live Mail and click an email that will load Chrome without it locking up the computer as it has recently.
  3. Today I had to finally uninstall the "PAID LIFETIME" version of Malwarebytes. No more lockups and power button shutdowns. When you get a version that works with Windows 7, Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Security Essentials without constant lockups and forced power off shutdowns, let me know.
  4. I started this conversation. One of the most important things for MWB company to understand is that we all bought their products to protect our computers. Having to power off the computer because MWB locks up the computer can cause you to lose files or have the computer not boot at all. Most programs open files when they open. When you close a program it closes the files and sets the "end of file marker". If you have to power off the computer, those end file markers are still open an can get cross-linked. Cross-linked files = scrambled files. Scrambled files = lost files. That is ex
  5. I have one email account in WLM. It is a POP3 incoming account and SMTP outgoing. With all of the other "Me Too's" that are having lockup issues with WLM, MBam, and Windows Security Essentials, it can't be my computer.
  6. I would suggest that you turn your computer completely off when you are not using it. This closes all programs and restarts them as needed when you reboot your computer. It would prevent anything from freezing your computer in sleep mode.
  7. In the last couple of weeks, my windows 7 computer will lock up if Malwarebytes is running and I try to use Windows Live Mail. If an email opens Chrome, the computer locks up. I have to power it off to restart it. If I disable Malwarebytes and do the same thing, there is no lockup. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSC) is also active. I have uninstalled MSE and reinstalled it. The same with Chrome. I have run complete scans with both Malwarebytes and MSC and found nothing. I ran a boot CD with MSC autorun and no issues found. I did a memory check and ran chkdisk on reboot. I have two
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