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  1. Sorry for the late reply.. I disabled my McAfee and tried using Windows Defender Offline Scan, but nothing happens after I clicked the scan.. Its simply idle like nothing happens at all.. Any other choices that I can use.?
  2. Hello forum. I've recently encountered something called G.exe during shutdown, with a mesage like "There's an app preventing windows from shutdown" thingy.. Searched around and some mentioned it might be dangerous so here I am.. All requested attachment are as below.. Thank you for your assistance in advance~ malware report.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I've done them all and I hope I never have to visit this forum in the future, in a good context that is.. Will try to be more cautious of every single download and install onward.. All the best to you, thanks for all the help, hope all is great for you and keep on helping, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Upcoming New Year~~~
  4. Hello and good morning~ So far so good.. No more CPU being used up to 100%.. No more sign of the setup.exe.. System looks great now.. Thanks a lot for the help~~~
  5. Hello again Kevin~ Here are the files needed from all steps above.. Had some error during FRST.. Mentioning it wasnt approved or something.. Malwarebytes caught nothing.. AdwCleaner detected 7 and cleaned 6.. And Sophos founds nothing as well... Am waiting to see if it somehow resurfaces.. And also, how do I prevent myself from being infected again.? Like, purchasing Malwarebytes Premium is in my to-do list, but I need to gather a bunch of friends to purchase the multi seat one to reduce the cost.. But other that, should I install any other form of protections.? Thank y
  6. Sorry for replying before doing above steps since im at work now and wont be home until 5pm (8.50 am atm), but should i run the FRST while i turn off my wifi, since what seems to trigger the virus to turn is by going on wifi, and if the virus is turned on, I wont be able to open Malwarebytes.. Thanks in advance~
  7. Hello Kevin and thank you for the assist~ Here's the files requested.. I'll add a bit of info.. Report 1 is when I thought something is wrong, report 2 is when I turn off my internet connection and managed to use Malwarebytes to remove said malware, report 3 is a scan not long after I realize the malware is back.. Thank you in advance~ Addition.txt FRST.txt Report 1.txt Report 2.txt Report 3.txt
  8. Hello forum I would like to request a help with what I believe to be a very smart malware. It uses up my CPU (100%) on idle but "suspend" itself when I open task manager.. Malwarebytes is suspended by it too, but able to be used in safe mode, but even running it in safe mode, it was unable to detect the malware itself.. The name is 32-bit setup launcher/32 bit in Processes and setup.exe in Details.. I was only able to detect its usage in Resource Monitor.. Heres where I decided it' smart: 1. Trying to open Malwarebytes froze my laptop. 2. Typing adwcleaner, roguekiller, or
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