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  1. Hello, Just to let you know: Running 2 pc on Win7 /64 fully updated , with the latest MBAM and MSE on one and BitDefender free on another with "WEB PROTECTION OFF" I did not experienced any problems / freezing ever Now, if you disable Web protection , reboot and make sure the associated driver for Web protection ( C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mwac.sys ) it is not loaded after reboot. Thanks!
  2. How do you know that is less than 1% ??? It seems like whoever is on the forum is complaining somehow about this....
  3. And you will continue to see this, because is it impossible to maintain perpetual compatibility between Malwarebytes and all Anti-viruses on the market. Soone or later an update from them will screw up the pseudo compatibility, Additionally, Malwarebytes is made from pieces, software bought from different developers and just put together as "shields" , so sooner or later one "shield" or another is going to conflict with another antivirus...
  4. I am running BitDefender free and MBAM paid on one computer and MSE 4.10 and MBAM paid on another one, fully updated, both Win7/64 and I always had We shield disabled (but using MBAM ad-on on Firefox) Working fine, no freezing ; Web shield is the most common to produce conflicts (and problematic) with insignificant benefits (see the amount of FPs) , so I always had it disabled.
  5. Before doing that , go to Control Panel -->Appearance and Personalization ---> Folder Options---> Show hiden files and folders and choose "show" , otherwise you will not be able to see C:\ProgramData\ and C:\Users\<user account name>\AppData\Roaming\ Also is worth trying to disable the Web shield in Malwarebytes for a while , reboot and see how is going. I run BD free and MBAM paid without issues , however I have Web shield disabled.
  6. I am pretty sure your PC case has nothing to do with the freezing :))) I see you are running Firefox. For the sake of experiment , turn "Web protection" OFF in MBAM, reboot, and install MBAM add-on on Firefox. You can also install uBlock origin as add-on. The Web shield is known of being problematic. Please report back! Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to know which drivers ( example: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\???????.sys) are associated which which shield???? I run MBAM with certain shields disabled and I cannot find some drivers to add them as "exclusions" in my antivirus ; at this point I do not know if they are missing because the shields are disabled or for other reasons. Another thing: if a shield is disabled , pointing your mouse on MBAM tray icon will return the message "Protection disabled" which is not true . The message should be "Protection partially disabled" Thanks!
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