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  1. I should probably temper my enthusiasm. I had re-enabled the Web protection yesterday, after seeing the update And was happy that for the entire day of work, I had no issues. I then updated my other machine, enabled web protection, and experienced a lock-up immediately. I had a feeling that even with a day of success with my work machine, that upon start up today, it would revert to the issue. My concern was realized, and had to disable the web protection to make THIS Win7 Pro 64 Bit box usable. I am not sure what allowed me to go the entire day, but it is possible that the scan had already completed for the day when I re-enabled the web protection. Obviously, the problem is not yet solved.
  2. I should note: The updates today 1. Security Update for Microsoft windows (KB4480970) 2. Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4480063)
  3. Today's Microsoft update seems to have fixed the problem and I have been up for several hours without lock up and web protection ON.
  4. OK Spoke too soon. 5 minutes after I typed this, finally froze. It DID last longer however. Laptop with 32GB Ram 4GB Video card I7-4900MQ @ 2.8GHZ Running dual RAID-0 When I turn off the web protection, there is no issue. Win 7 64Bit Ultimate.
  5. I had the same problem. Win 7 64Bit Ultimate. Problem seems to have resolved itself with Microsoft windows security update KB4483147 Where I was unable to go 4 minutes with the web protection on, I have been up now 20 minutes no issues showing yet.
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