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  1. I have always used Malwarebytes and Kaspersky Internet Security together without any problems. However, recently Kaspersky attempted to update itself to KIS 2019 and told me it couldn't update due to incompatible software on my system. Upon manually installing KIS 2019, it found that Malwarebytes was the software that was considered "incompatible" with the update, and the only way to update KIS was to uninstall Malwarebytes. Kaspersky is my main anti-virus/internet security that I use, so I decided to go ahead and uninstall Malwarebytes in that case. What I was now wondering is if Malwarebytes (possibly version 3, because I wasn't sure if I had Malwarebytes updated lately because I have it set to manual update) has added a patch or an update that would make it compatible with KIS 2019 so that I could possibly reinstall it?
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