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  1. I have hibernate disabled with my SSD, so there is no fast startup option to disable. There's another thread where Windows 7 users are having similar issues of slow performance with 10508. I've switched the Ransomware Module back on, but setting the start delay to 30 seconds, which also has worked,. I have Avast (Free version) which some suggest may be a factor, but also noticed the problem of accessing Microsoft Office files has also returned again, whether that's linked to all this, I don't know. Hopefully a fix will come out shortly.
  2. Was having the problem as discussed at the start of the post, eventually reinstalled a fresh copy Windows which was fine until I installed Malwarebytes, when the problems of slow login using a PIN and then taking several minutes to start-up reoccurred. Disabling the Ransomware protection module has stopped the issues for the moment. Using latest Windows 1809 (build 195) and a licensed version of Malwarebytes.
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