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  1. Very well said. You would have expected some communication from the company about this. We have 4 W7 PCs, and 3 of those were affected - one only crashed this week, the others before Christmas. Like pretty much everyone else here, I've disabled 'web protection' and 'ransomware protection' on all 4 machines - thus negating the purpose of having the software installed in the first place.
  2. Hi all I've been a MWB premium user for about 18 months, I have it installed on 3 networked PCs, and one laptop, all W7 64. About 4 days ago, one of the PCs started random hard freezing. I spent countless hours scanning the disk (with chkdsk, Norton AV, MWB, etc), removing what I thought were offending programs, etc., to no avail. I had got to the point where I thought it was a hardware issue (eg; HDD or RAM failure). Then, yesterday a second PC started doing the same. I realised that it was software or OS related, and (before I found this forum or thread) narrowed this down to MWB, which I fully uninstalled from both machines. Needless to say, both machines have been stable (and browsing, opening files etc. is noticeably MUCH faster). Both the affected machines are Lenovo desktops. The unaffected machine is also a Lenovo desktop (slightly different model) and a Dell laptop. I'm paying for this software, and I require malware protection, so after having read the above comments, I'm going to reinstall it and disable Web and Ransomware protection until a fix is found (I'll miss that speedy browsing, etc., but it's a small price to pay for the protection). I hope a fix comes soon!
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