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  1. Agreed. Seeing the same thing (though my clients generally run an AV and MB).
  2. I just quit the program entirely. I understand these things happen. I appreciate that they're working on it. Just frustrated because this cost me (and my clients) a lot of extra work this week, right before the holiday. The kind of hard freeze MB is generating doesn't give Windows time to write any traceable error log files beyond the generic "kernal-power 41", and I suspect a whole lot more people are experiencing this than the current 31 posts on this thread would indicate. They just haven't found the needle in the haystack yet.
  3. See this thread.... Lots of us are having this issue, and as more figure out it's Malwarebytes causing these freezes, I am sure reports will grow.
  4. Yeah guys I gotta tell you that you have a serious problem here. I'm an IT consultant who has been recommending Malwarebytes to my clients for years, and this week I have received multiple reports of both Windows 10 and Windows 7 computer locking up (all inputs unresponsive, requiring manual power down / hard reboots with the power button) on systems with the newest Malwarebytes Premium installed. The worst systems are experiencing up to 5-10 hard freezes a day. This is NOT GOOD as I am having to tell all my clients to disable your product until a fix is provided (and quitting Malwarebytes DOES solve the problem). Please PLEASE get on this.
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