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  1. Hello MalwareBytes is falsely flagging the a newly certified AppEsteem app, Winzip Malware Protector v2.1.1000.26506. VirusTotal scanning results below showing the detection PUP.Optional.WinZipMalwareProtector hitting the installer. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e91df359b57fa9469e7eb617dacb96d4280ca9d241ca24083d1699c96db981fa/detection Hashes below: MD5: BD94BD64B08F1D79EACFA31962A5BB40 SHA1: 6F8EA000EB1E6F86094C3D566BD51665A609D5DF SHA256: E91DF359B57FA9469E7EB617DACB96D4280CA9D241CA24083D1699C96DB981FA Cert: F7C761AD98B0FA5C07ABE
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