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  1. Hello MalwareBytes is falsely flagging the a newly certified AppEsteem app, Winzip Malware Protector v2.1.1000.26506. VirusTotal scanning results below showing the detection PUP.Optional.WinZipMalwareProtector hitting the installer. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e91df359b57fa9469e7eb617dacb96d4280ca9d241ca24083d1699c96db981fa/detection Hashes below: MD5: BD94BD64B08F1D79EACFA31962A5BB40 SHA1: 6F8EA000EB1E6F86094C3D566BD51665A609D5DF SHA256: E91DF359B57FA9469E7EB617DACB96D4280CA9D241CA24083D1699C96DB981FA Cert: F7C761AD98B0FA5C07ABE670C33BD606518910B3 Can you please remove the FP or provide actionable feedback we can give to the vendor detailing why it is being detected so we can work with them to clean up the app. Regards Amir Fouda Security Researcher winzipmpsetup_0 (1).zip
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