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  1. Hello THEagle, Thanks for getting back to me. I have Windows 7 64bit & used that version of Farbar. Attached is what you requested. BTY, was the "CBS" I uploaded of any use? Thanks again, JPP Search.txt
  2. Hello Shadowwar, Please read the earlier posts. I have already restored "iasrecst.dll" from quarantine. I've rebooted repeatedly & run "scannow" a few times & the results say that there is corruption of files it can not repair. See the above posts with "sfc" & "CBS" files attached. I do not know how to zip you this file & I do not know what "pm" means. I was able to follow the file address to the iasrecst.dll location/file. It is back where it belongs as of 12/16/18, 8:25pm from quarantine, but again, the reboot( AFTER malwarebytes found the file, said it was malware
  3. Hello again, It's been a couple of days.... any thoughts about the corrupted files mentioned in my earlier posts? Do I have something serious to worry about with this? Thanks, JPP
  4. Sorry, I forgot to add that my OS is Windows 7. JPP
  5. Hello TwinHeadedEagle & ShadowWar, I'm attaching the sfc you requested, but there isn't much info. in that file. The "CBS" has the examples of the "iasrecst" file issues. You didn't ask for that, but it seems relevant, so I'll attach it. You'll find the relevant examples at the bottom of the file. As to, "restore any other items quarantined with this", I do not know how to that. In Malwarbytes, I just clicked restore the "Trojan.Banker" at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\iasrecst.dll. Does this restore option do the registry detections? Thanks to both of you for your responses.
  6. Hello, I did a scan today, Sunday, 12/16, & was told that trojan.banker syswow64\iasrecst.dll was a threat & should be quarantined. I did that & rebooted my system. It was a hard reboot... never took this long before. I therefore ran AVAST, found nothing; ran "scannow" in the command prompt. It found corrupted files that it could not repair. I looked in the "CBS" folder for the log of the scan results & this "iasrecst" kept showing up. I then found this forum which said it was a false positive & that I could restore the quarantined file. I did this, rebooted th
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