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  1. What should one do about this then? I've found the exact same thing - should I replace it, delete it...?
  2. As I appear to be suffering from the same malady, I thought I'd add my two pennies; I'll attach my FRST scan for perusal, as I assume JPP and my problem(s) are likely the same - although I've not encountered any problems as of yet after restoring from quarantine, minus 'corruot files' in my scannow. Search.txt
  3. I very much hope so, otherwise I've restored it and just doomed my own PC.
  4. Does this mean I restore the file from quarantine? As I say, I'm PC illiterate, so apologies if it's a stupid question.
  5. I received the same, and quarantined the file - now I'm a complete 'novice' - so should I delete the file? And should I be worried at all? Or is it simply a false positive and that's that.
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