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  1. We moved from a 2008 server to a new 2016 server. Backed up the 2008 server and restored the databse to the 2016 server. The install package uses the old server IP on the new installs. If I stop the services, copy a new SCComm.exe.config with the correct new IP to the machine it will get updates from the new server. The new package installs the additional package. 2 versions are reporting back to the server. It looks like there are 700 machines instead of 300. Management nightmare. Never mind the client push install doesn't work like it used to.
  2. We have rolled out version 3.5 and version 4 with group policy on the earlier versi
  3. Since upgrading the console to most machines cannot be found. Even if I scan by IP range only 58 out of 450 machines show up. Domain sync does not sync. The console is useless for installing or updating clients to the latest version. I followed the directions on page 5 of the MCAG to configure the clients. I did this to 2 machines and they both disappeared. The endpoint are windows 10 1803 with at least .NET 4.6. How can I get the PCs to display in the console?
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