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  1. Oops, I forgot that this is a bug that happens with Chromium / Chrome based browsers, either way it does still happen in the current version; so I just wanted to let you know. -John Jr
  2. Hello, This naming issue happens on version 1.0.44 for Chrome, but not Firefox; which is interesting. Thank you, -John Jr
  3. Hello rakeshsejwal, Thank you for the news. That is okay, I will be alright, I would rather have everything working for everyone else; in this case I agree that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. ;) -John Jr
  4. Hello @rakeshsejwal, Thank you for responding and for answering my question; I was worried for a moment there. It is unfortunate that Google has not fixed that bug and that it happens to only happen when I am using the Malwarebytes extension, but I am glad to learn that it is on the list of bugs to fix now. Thank you, -John Jr
  5. Hello, I am just curious if anyone is going to answer my question as to whether this confirmed bug is on the list of bugs to be fixed or not? I was told by email support to create an account here to post this question here where the developers would be more likely to see it, I did not want to do this because I do not like to create online accounts unless necessary (to reduce the amount of usernames and passwords that I have to remember, and to reduce the amount of things that I have to worry about getting hacked et cetera) and I wanted to just continue to handle it through email support like I did before when this bug was confirmed by Malwarebytes, but I followed their advice anyway and I created an account here again (I used to have an account here in the past) hoping that it would not be in vain. I just wanted a yes or no at least, it has been over a month since I asked the question here, and this bug was reported and confirmed last year months ago by email support. Thank you, -John Jr
  6. @rakeshsejwal Hello, I am talking about a bug / conflict that only happens when I have the Malwarebytes Browser Extension installed when trying to download files (videos) with the Video DownloadHelper Extension, when there is a video that can be downloaded on a page by that extension it will list the name and you can download the video. Normally the name of the video (example: Cat Video) that shows is the name that it will default to when you go to download it (you can change the name if you want before downloading it though if you do not use the quick download option) so in the Save File As Box the name will still say (example: Cat Video) before you click save, but when you have the Malwarebytes Browser Extension installed the name shows normally (example: Cat Video) until it is time to download it where the name in the Save File As Box will say (example: 1234283) instead of (example: Cat Video) so you have to manually adjust the name back to (example: Cat Video) before downloading it because the name will be different than the name that shows before clicking to download the video. If you use the quick download option instead of the normal download option you will not be able to change the name before downloading, and so you will have to rename the downloaded file itself if you have the Malwarebytes Browser Extension installed. This problem does not happen when I uninstall Malwarebytes Browser Extension, so far only the Malwarebytes Browser Extension seems to cause this problem when trying to download files with the Video DownloadHelper Extension. So you are saying that this is a Google Chrome problem even though it only happens when I have the Malwarebytes Browser Extension installed when trying to download files with the Video DownloadHelper Extension? -John Jr
  7. Hello, I was wondering if the Malwarebytes Browser Extension and Video DownloadHelper Extension conflict is on the list of bugs to be fixed one day or not? Thank you, -John Jr
  8. Hello, Back in May of this year I reported a bug to Malwarebytes by email about the Malwarebytes For Chrome browser extension conflicting with the Video DownloadHelper extension for Chrome, and this bug was confirmed by Malwarebytes after I reported it by email months ago. Here is an edited version of my report from back then: This conflict is still there, I was asked to report it here when I emailed Malwarebytes again to see if this bug was on the list of bugs to be fixed. This problem is pretty annoying for me and has prevented me from using the Malwarebytes extension for long, I have to keep disabling it, and so I usually give up using it until the next version comes out hoping that it will be fixed. I like the Malwarebytes extension and I would like to be able to use it again full-time one day and recommend it to others if this problem is fixed one day. Thank you, -John Jr
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