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  1. It just sat on one file indefinitely. The first time I assumed it was just being slow and left it overnight, and it was still on the same file in the morning. I'll try pausing Avast, but I don't know why Avast would have caused it to freeze on a random file like that.
  2. I ran it a few times and it keeps getting stuck before finishing.
  3. Final scan time: 2 hours, 32 minutes. I don't mind that it's slow if that's normal, I only want to be sure it doesn't mean the drive might have some stealthy virus that's interfering with MB.
  4. Read/write caching is off, actually. I work with important files and I can't risk possibly losing bits of them if I bump the flash drive or something. Also, just for reference, I scanned the SD card and it took under 6 minutes. I scanned the flash drive immediately afterward and it's still going, currently at an hour and 5 minutes. I realise the SD card has less on it, but not THAT much less.
  5. Ah, I just tried scanning E and O one after the other and noticed that while scanning O, as well as being generally slower than the other drives, it seems to get hung up on random small files and either take a long time to scan them or pause for a long time before moving to the next file. It'll be going through a folder of .pngs all approximately the same size and just stop on one in the middle for several seconds. It doesn't do this scanning the system drive, the SD card or the external hard drive. Not sure if that means anything.
  6. E is actually an SD card, but I tried scanning an external USB hard drive (NTFS) and both it and the SD card scan orders of magnitude faster than the flash drive does. They might be slower than scanning the system drive, but not by much.
  7. Well, I'm not sure how fast the scan ought to be compared to ordinary read/write speeds, but I'm pretty sure it isn't anything like 20 or even 10mbps. It takes 5 or 10 seconds to get through an audio file of a few megabytes. Is that a normal margin? If my flash drive DOES just interact really slowly with MB for some innocent reason, that's fine, I just want to be sure it's not a bad sign for my computer or the flash drive.
  8. My computer is an HP Pavilion 15 and about five years old. The flash drive is a PNY and only a few weeks old. The computer I scanned the external hard drives with is even older. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Thanks, Gonzo. It's a 2 and it was the only thing I had plugged in at the time, but I hadn't considered a driver issue.
  10. I don't THINK it's how full the drive is, it's about 2/3 full and this slowness isn't happening on an external drive that's much more full than that. The same thing happens with another flash drive I have. Is it normal for some types of flash drives to just be slow to scan like that?
  11. For some reason, when I have MalwareBytes scan my USB flash drive, it slows to a crawl. This doesn't happen with my SD card. Copies of the files of the flash drive are also on the hard drive, and it takes WAY longer to scan each file on the flash drive as it does the same file on the hard drive--I'm talking like twenty times longer. The scan didn't find any malware on the flash drive. Anybody know why it might be so slow? Could it be there's something on there MB isn't detecting that's slowing it down? Thanks!
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