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  1. I after running another linux-based rescue disc I was unable to boot back into windows even with the steps found on youtube videos so I had to transfer important files and reinstall windows. I was trying to avoid this, but since I could no longer boot it had to be done.
  2. I have spent the last several days attempting to remove a virus (actually many viruses) from my father's work computer. Somehow while trying to do so I ended up getting the nasty one on my school laptop as well. The symptoms initially began with our networking drivers being disabled, so we could not connect to our wifi. When we would click on the taskbar icon to reconnect it would show we did not even have hardware to connect to wifi. My dad was a multi-device license for malware bytes, but I can not detect any of the known issues on either of our devices. I have an older version of the Bitdefender Rescue CD and ran that. It found several viruses and was able to remove all but one threat on on both of our devices: Gen.Trojan.Heur.FU.gu2@ayKPMkoi I believe this one downloaded the other malware we were able to remove, however I can not find a way to remove this particular virus. How may I clean both of our devices? It is worth noting Malwarebytes premium could not detect any threats in safe-mode either.
  3. For the last month I have been getting a popup on startup saying that my malwarebytes real time protection is disabled and when I click on the button to turn it on, nothing happens. I have gone into the settings and regardless of my attempts while running as administrator, the firewall will not enable. I have checked for any viruses and PUPs using both MB and the bitdefender rescue cd. Using the rescue cd I found a possible trojan, however I believe it is just a false positive in the dropbox software. How can I enable my protection again?
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