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  1. Ok cool, I understand. Thank you, take care 😁
  2. Don't worry, I've designed this "set-up" which raises my laptop off the base by 5cm, so there's no problem there.😁 My temperatures at load is sitting at 75 degrees on average, for CPU and GPU, which I don't consider too bad, however, they were in the late 60s just a few weeks ago, and I've done all the "hardware fixes" so I think this is on the software side. Considering that temperatures did decrease slightly after running MalwareBytes and removing the threats, I assumed they may have been more that perhaps weren't detected. Anyway, this fix didn't have any real impact in terms on temperatures, so perhaps I was wrong. If there is indeed nothing else you guys can do, I'm sorry for being an inconvenience. However, I do truly appreciate your help
  3. Thank You😁 The startup was a little slower than usual, however, I assume that was due to changes that the tool was making, as it is up to its usual speed again. Other than that, the idle temperatures appear to be the same. However, I will run it at load for a few minutes and inform whether there has been an improvement or not. Fixlog.txt
  4. Sure, Thanks πŸ˜ƒ mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Thank you. It is appreciated!mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-check-results[1].txt
  6. Ok, will follow the steps shortly and post my results. Thank you so much. I'm sorry that I'm currently unable to donate. Hopefully I will in the near future😁
  7. Do you maybe think I should uninstall the bought version as well? I know the likelihood of the virus being in there is unlikely tho, but should I?
  8. Hi guys. I know this may not go down too well, with some frowning upon me for downloading a cracked game. However, its mainly because my dad wasn't able to afford the game for the time being (I'm 15, so I don't have money to buy it myself yet) That aside, thank you for finding it in your for still providing some assistance. 😁 So, I downloaded the game and immediately saw a 10 degree spike in my full load temperatures. I ran Malwarebytes, and it found a few Trojan.Agents and a portion mining "malware". After removing those, my temperatures dropped slightly, however, they remained higher than usual. I then uninstalled the game completely and ran CCleaner to clear the registry. The temperatures seemed to have dropped slightly more, but still higher than what it was by 3-4 degrees. I've done the usual clean-up such as changing the thermal paste and cleaning out the fans, so I'm nearly positive that isn't the issue. So I think it may be a minor piece of malware that MalwareBytes may not be detecting. If you guys are able to assist in this area, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!πŸ˜ƒ
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