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  1. Hi, There were no restore points that I was able to find on my computer. Also, I was able to reinstall chrome, but all the saved history and cookies is gone. However, I had few Important links that I need. Is there anyway we can get to a point before the malware was installed? Thank You
  2. Hi, When the Malware infected my Laptop, it deleted google chrome by itself. I'm not sure if it deleted any other programs. Two weeks ago I created a restore point using system restore. But, when the malware was installed it removed it and it created that point which is (06-12-2018 16:50:21) and that's when the malware was installed. So basically it created a restore point to its birth time!
  3. Hello, I have attached the fixlog.txt. I also ran Malwarebytes and KillerRogue, and there was nothing detected. Is there any other way I can make sure that there is no more malware on my laptop? Is there anyway I can make retrieve the missing programs and files such as (Google Chrome, Restore Points, etc..)? Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi, I have followed the instructions that you provided. However, I accidently followed them before I download the fixlist.txt. So I have submitted two zip folders: 1- Before.zip (Which contains the reports that created before I downloaded fixlist.txt) / 2- After.zip (Which contains the report after I downloaded fixlist.txt). Although the scans were clean. I have attached a photo that shows the Malware is still there, it is called "FastFolders". I have never installed such a thing and I can't find it anywhere in my system but only when I right-click on any folder. Thank You El-Zabl007 After.zip Before.zip
  5. That's all the photos and the reports I got from Malware bytes, Bit defender & FRST64 Addition.txt FRST.txt FRST2.txt Addition2.txt
  6. I gave my friend (overseas) access to my laptop to share files and download some programs. He accidentally downloaded a malware, that kept downloading programs on my machine and took over administration rights, turned off Windows Defender and wouldn't let me turn it on. It started popping up some "impolite" websites, and it deleted my restore points and created its own at the time it was infecting. I ran malwarebytes like 10 times, it caught 1000's of malwares. I ran FRST64 but it didn't give me the fix.txt file. It only gave me FRST.txt and Addition.txt After malwareyte gave me that my system is clean, I installed malwarebytes anti-rootkit, I ran a scan and it caught another few malware. I also downloaded bit-defender, and launched a full system scan that took about an hour. It caught around 30. I can still see the malware folder. It is called Folder Share C:/VerySilent, however, I can't find it in the control panel Programs and Features. I need my google chrome history back tho there are tons of things I have saved on it. I would like to know if there are any important files or folder that were deleted by the malware or malwarebyte. It made write-blocks for the USB's. However when I try to test them using CMD, it says "Read-Only : "NO"!
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