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  1. ah So that may likely be the source of resolution. Anyhow, my issue no longer exists after the update and/or the fast boot correction. Thanks for your help!!
  2. well I work in IT and use to be a sys admin, so yea idiot me haha ok... so I did this, and I shut down/started and enabled the malware protection service. Now everything appears to be running smoothly which is crazy and I am having trouble buying this... so I must ask, how do I see if malware-bytes has received an update or no?
  3. well, im an idiot. done and done. testing now.
  4. Thanks, but it appears that this option is disabled !? eh....
  5. Hey FF, Very Odd, I literally rebooted it this morning in an attempt to speed up the PC (prior to switching off the service). I also (just) rebooted my machine (as in shut down, and pressed the power button on) and the cmd> systeminfo still shows a boot time of "System Boot Time: 11/29/2018, 8:05:47 PM"... well another bug for another time I guess
  6. grab logs ran and attached mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hello, My PC started to act very slowly about~2 days ago. Applications would take minutes to launch, internet browser tabs would take seconds to open, and etc. I started to troubleshoot why. There were no obvious indicators. Today I found the culprit, MalwareBytes Malware Protection Service. I know this is the culprit because turning it off makes my computer run normally/smoothly/quickly (i.e. Applications launch instantly as they always have). As this has never happened before, was there a recent patch that could have caused this? Is there a fix patch coming? Or are there other suggestions? Right now I am having to leave 'off' "Malware Protection" in order to even use my computer... Thanks, John

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