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  1. hi there, i recently updated my game that i submitted previously as a false positive, and its being flagged again, when it updates the launcher, it downloads a NewLauncher.exe and then patches the old one, heres both the new launcher file, and the resulting patched launcher.exe. I have also included both detection logs. i assume these are still false positives? NewLauncher.zip Launcher.zip patched Launcher mbam.txt NewLauncher mbam.txt
  2. oh sure thing, sorry about that Launcher.zip
  3. scanned the file with virustotal and a few of my own scanners, none of which detected anything, however when attempting to open it to update the game, malwarebytes blocked it saying it was malware/machine.learning/anomalous.97%, im assuming its a false positive? please see attached log below RHaven Launcher.txt
  4. hi there, i recently went back to playing an old game i used to play, and the website used for creating game accounts and to donate to help keep the server running is being flagged as a phishing website. Is this a false positive? or is it something i should be concerned about, the address is r.servehttp.com. ive attached the log below mbam2.txt
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