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  1. Hey ! A bit out of the blue, I jump into your interaction here but but I have a big question kinda related to the 1st comment. And nobody from Malwarebytes really answered me (even so, without any doute, you are the best support them I ever saw from such a big company) Question is, I can read and read and read that, almost for every MBmember.. At the second they turn on Malwarebytes (even for people without warning alert or slow mac/update) , they all have been able to find a big amount of compromise files or big troubleshoot log on visible on there finder etc.. Do misunderstand me.. Not beeing called or stress by a malware I am more than happy ! But it provoque such a contraste with what I said higher or on the other ticket that it comes weird.. I run Malwarebytes Mac since a certain period of time and I never received any info from my product.. Never had a warning while using the internet (safari but I also tried Chrome or FF), never had any error or "feedback" from the app you download. I tried to relaunch the app, I also try to remove and add the app back ut still the same issue.. Now, I even have (when I remove a bit all thoses files) at least an other similar "MBytes"app but under an other files name via Finder or even some times under classifie on a file about kitchen or weird stuff like that. and under a file on a other name ( app with the termination -user or -agent.were for MBytes) I know, I know.. I still can use my mac, I have no trouble with my passwords but still ! I want to be proactive or who knows.. Find a new sleepy malware or so ! Thanks a lot for your answer already !
  2. I have MB for Mac since 2 months now and I never had a single treath spotted or a single pop up warning for a website. So either way, I'm super secure and I really have no issues or MB has been badly download.. But now, mac is super super slow same for my Samsung S9 (same issue/same time) and I have like.. thousands of similar or alwast similar files/app running on my finder.. (No sounds or hot computer, just super slow and files pop out and out and out I think.. Can I have some help ? What do you need me to attache on my next interection on that ticket ? Thanks !
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