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  1. It will take some thought into it because you would need to learn how to make a bot for each of those programs, a bot for Discord could be different to a Telegram bot or rather similar, it is a good idea that with some effort and knowledge could probably take off.
  2. Thanks for the ideas ^^ Yeah, i will have to start setting up a computer to scan any flashdrives that the students want to bring with them if this issue keeps on, and more important, update them all to W10 to be safer, will keep the other options in mind of course.
  3. 32 on use ATM, Windows OS but it varies on 7, 8, 10 (it was a mess when i first arrived, not too long) all of them are 64-bit, it creates shortcuts of every file and folder inside the flashdrive and hides the real files in a hidden folder, the students click on the quick-access files, they are rather naive and uninformed about these things, so when they click on them, the virus creates a script as a process and sets itselt on startup boots, any flashdrive that you put in that is not infected, will repeat the method of creating the quick-access files. The computer were using the ESET NOD32 antivirus but the main office hasn't renewed the license yet so i have to look for alternatives before all the computers become infected @David H. Lipman I can't lock the use of the flashdrives because the students use them to take their work home, the issue mostly happens during the CompSci classes.
  4. Hi! first time posting, @Amaroq_Starwind suggested i sign up and make a post, Curious mostly, to see if anyone has any ideas or recommendations, or any second opinions for when students use their flashdrives, I am having an issue right now where most students are using flashdrives with quick-access viruses that keep infecting the computers in the lab, I even offered help and tips to the students so they know what not to do and always scan their flashdrives, but they tend to forget and click on the quick-access files and infect the computer all over again, tad frustrating. Thanks in advance
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