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  1. I have some licenses under my email address. My wife has laptop and android license under her email address. I was wondering if I can consolidate all the licenses under one email address. How do I go about this without messing anything up? Is this even possible? Is it possible to move license from one email to another. I am trying to make it easy to manage all this as the licenses are spread between my, wifes and kids account. Thanks
  2. So when it says 5 devices, it is mix and match of 5 of the supported. So those keys are not just for windows. Thanks for clarifying
  3. The reason I was confused is because of this in product fidplayy Windows and Mac [Key Card] i have not opened the box yet. There it does not say Android hence my confusion.
  4. This? I am on a phone https://www.frys.com/product/9647643?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
  5. https://www.frys.com/product/9647643?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG I bought the above and now I think I might have made a mistake. Do you know if I can use the license in that box on Android devices? I saw it supports Android on the cover of box and bought it. I was planning to use it on 4 Android devices and 1 windows desktop. I think the box got me confused. Any help is appreciated.
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