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  1. That was my first initial gut instinct. The fact the the app (SHOWS) that is hasn't been updated since 2015. I would think that someone is merely thinking outside the box on this one and would think about our reaction to it to get everyone to whitelist it. Just for your information, I am a technician having to resolve a problem with Maas360. It is showing that setup and transfer is a trojan out of nowhere? What triggered this result? Why now? First Malwarebytes and then Maas360 both showing that the program has not changed since 2015? Really? I am researching and researching and my gut feeling is telling me that someone could be ingenious and figures this is the best way to hide something in plain sight. Question? What triggered this notification from an app that seemingly did not change to indicating that it is malware? And why in two different programs?
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