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  1. I don't think this is an improvement- the last seen only shows today or x days ago - it doesn't tell us if a device is online
  2. wesco.com please review and unblock.
  3. Right now you select a start date for a weekly task. Problem is when you look at his task later (weeks/month) you don't see for which weekday it was set for (e.g. Monday/Tuesday) You have to go back to the calendar to see the weekday. Weekly schedules should be selected by weekdays (Mondays/Tuesday...), not by date
  4. Hi, so if a scheduled scan is missed due to that the client wasn't online the system will try again at the next scheduled time - again client not online at that time it's missed again and so on.... Is there a way to complete a missed scan when the client comes online next time regardless of time.? I have clients that have gone 14+ days without scan because they were never online at the time for the scheduled task.
  5. Following website is blocked Malicious Websites Blocked Website Outboundconnection www.surveygizmo.eu(
  6. please unblocked allwasteindustrial.com
  7. Please white list Name Type Category Status Path MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% File Malware Quarantined C:\USERS\PUBLIC\DESKTOP\PTZApp.lnk MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% File Malware Quarantined C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\PUBLIC\Desktop\PTZApp.lnk
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