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  1. The issue is cosmetic, and was described as "long standing" by the Staff when I started the thread originally. I suspect the fix won't be coming any time 'soon'. I've since moved on to their cloud Endpoint Protection product and have no complains. I find it much better than their on-prem product.
  2. It seems to be a bug in the Client Push scanner. As long as your clients show online and respond to commands, they are registered and there is no issue.
  3. It's a bit concerning, since you get a yellow status instead of a green one. Understood though. I already pushed the update to all clients and haven't had any issues with functionality. Thanks Dyllon.
  4. Hi Dyllon, I am using that option. When I perform a scan on a segment of my network, workstations that have been updated to v1.9 show "Managed client software was already installed. The client has not been registered.". Clients that are still using v1.8 show "Client software installed on the remote machine was an older version, you can perform an upgrade installation.".
  5. Hello, I recently upgraded my management server and console from 1.8 to No issues with the server upgrade it self. When running an update install using the Client Push Install method, the install/upgrade completes without any issue, but all subsequent scans return "Managed client software was already installed. The client has not been registered." for all clients that were upgraded. The weird thing is I don't see any issue. The clients I tested on show online, they update their databases, and any policy changes, so I'm not sure what is actually wrong. I attempted remotely and
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