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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, next time I'll do the way you just showed me.
  2. thank you all for the advice, I'll try pastebin https://www.pastebin.com/TNRaBUCr
  3. Reporting here is quite difficult because if I try to post a lot of links the anti spam system does not let me...
  4. I would like to know the best way to report resellers who are selling fake keys, such as for example: ebay.com/itm/292835516071 Do you have any email that I can report this to? or is there any more efficient way of doing it?
  5. I found a seller on ebay, selling lifetime keys for EUR 0.64 cents... this is strange, someone should do something. the ebay link is www.ebay.com/itm/233017247711
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