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  1. Google block and warning removed. Now I only need the info. What happened?
  2. No Bing blocking. Just checked... Update: Firefox bad listed same site.
  3. Done! Thanks. I think an evaluation would be a good thing but MBAM probably subscribe to an official Google security alert of some sort already. So in all likelyhood MBAMs staff will look into this site anyway... Update: you're quick on that send button
  4. Visiting this web site may harm your computer, Google writes. And Google block the site. From time to time I surf a bit for financial news and I have lately heard several audios from this site. The last one just hours ago. Whatever it is I have probably already been exposed. Would anyone in here know where I can read about the problem? The site is known for fine interviews with top experts from the biggest TV channels, newspapers etc. I googled the words, malware+warning+king+world+news, and there's already conspiracy theories about it. The website's reputation is very good. However I'd like to read what qualified folks have to say. So please: links and information would be very welcome, - malware-wise that is. There must be some real information about what Google found out there. MBAM did not list any findings - just ran it. But perhaps MBAMs staff could find this info usefull? The blocked site: http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/King_World_News.html
  5. Can I somehow mark this thread as resolved?
  6. I just installed what was listed in the program - the default that the download came with. I'll install it again and name a folder for the viewer. Just using the root is a mess, I find. Thank you for clearing that up. :-D
  7. Strange. I ram MBAM and deleted that one finding. Then I searched my PC for the prime suspect and latest install, - the animated gif-viewer. It was not there. I then reinstalled the gif-viewer and ran MBAM again. Same finding. I also googled [bffa91e588e31e18a4a25d7d11f2ff01] - no results. I don't know what to make of it. You certainly have raised a question. :-) My PC is clean now... ----------- Edit made.
  8. The MBAM report says: C:\rundll32.exe (Heuristics.Reserved.Word.Exploit) And: [bffa91e588e31e18a4a25d7d11f2ff01]
  9. I don't think my new gif-viewer is malware but better to ask, right? :-) I downloaded it via Seven Forums where a short video gives instructions about how to install. It is apparently a user made little program. Windows 7 won't show animated gifs. And I like gifs... Link to download here: http://www.sevenforu...-perfectly.html Please check for a possible false positive?
  10. Yes, I have done that on a couple of occations too, - the safe mode possibility not with SP3, however. What I had in mind, though, was a program that reversed the principle in StartUpLite. While StartUpLite is about halting a number of defined programs from the startup function and allowing the rest, this would be the opposite. Namely: allowing a few defined programs and halting all else until the install is over.It's not an ordinary installer I'm after. Plenty of those around. A few times a year something very advanced is needed as an additional tool for difficult downloads and it seems that no such program have been made by anyone...
  11. This is about installations that are troublesome. Like downloading that monstrous SP3 for XP or big security suites. I could do with a tool that would halt all programs except those few functions that are necessary for a major installation. Something that will shut everything down except those few OS programs that are needed for difficult downloads. It's not very often you need such a tool but there are occations when an installation must be slipped in totally undisturbed. Is there a recommendable tool around somewhere? It also crossed my mind that this feature could be a candidate for a future development of StartUpLite? So that one can keep the PC in ultra lite mode until the installation is complete.
  12. Dear Malwarebytes' Thank you for the new MBAM 1.21. It performed a full scan on my fully updated XP Home SP3 without any problems at all and didn't find any malware. I also ran Secunia PSI RC3 and it no longer flags Zlib as outdated. A genuine top-standard tool! Everything works just excellent!
  13. Well, so do I but having said that I also find that there are no major download site that don't have ethical problems. They are businesses first and foremost. And they compromise to get the profit. Medium sized and big software manufacturers homepages are usually safe. I prefer to download from the developers's sites these days.Edit made: I took the word vendor out of my post and changed it to "manufacturers homepages".
  14. Yes, indeed congratulations to Malwarebytes' ! And many happy returns to all of us.
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