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  1. FWIW, my answering "message" begins with a "number not in service" tone sequence (followed by a pause, and my regular message.) Some automated callers will remove the number on receiving that tone. That seems to have actually worked in a few cases. Again, however, that's for phone calls, and hence is wandering off-topic for this thread.
  2. Yes: I've done that, (many years ago) however this is about SMS messages, and the Do-Not-Call list applies only to phone calls.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I was not clear. I'm suggesting something in the software that is -entirely local- to each individual's phone. -Nothing- is sent anywhere, hence my privacy cannot possibly be violated. I'm suggesting that any MB user can enter a word (in MB prefs) which the software will then look for in an incoming text -on my phone itself-. Since each individual user would have the ability to enter a word of his/her choice, it would be a "global" option. Perhaps I don't understand this constraint: " In the app, we cannot see the phone number or SMS content... or even, for that matter, that you received an SMS at all. " OK... then how do you know to send the message to your server? Or... are all messages routed thru your server -before- they ever get to me? Is that the way it works? Yesterday (and every day for a year now) I get an average of 17 spam SMS messages who address me as "Paully". The numbers are spoofed. Reporting or blocking the number is useless. The ONLY solution I can think of is local filtering on my own phone. I can read my messages. Why can't software read my messages? (I'm a retired programmer of 40 years experience, and there's obviously something basic I'm missing here...) Thanks again for your courtesy.
  4. Thanks. It's a suggestion, not a support question, so I posted it here, in the suggestions forum.
  5. Well any of them would likely welcome it. In my own case, it's iOS.
  6. I'd like to see an option that works ONLY on the phone itself, and searches the text of each message for a given word. If that word appears, then the message is spam. Example: I get about 15 text messages a day each of which includes the name "Paully". The numbers are spoofed, so reporting the number is completely useless. Only the text itself is useful. I'd like a preference to "hereby authorize Malwarebytes to seach incoming sms text" and check for a configurable word (or better list of words) which I supply. I realize the privacy issue. However, I'll believe you if you say it all happens locally. I don't know if you can even -see- the text body, but if you can then programmatically, looking for a given word is trivial. If you can offer this in the paid version, it would make many, many users happy, I'll bet!
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