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  1. Thanks, you ben very helpful, i wanted to ask another question, so i can get to understand malwarebytes a little better, when i did a disc cleaner, it came up with a bunch of malwarebytes files called.json and bak, my disk cleaner came out with the results to clean the json bak files, is this recommended ? i uploaded a picture to explain it better. Any ideas om what this means ?
  2. Glad to hear it's a normal file, thanks a lot. I have another question, im running windows 7 ultimate x64 and is it ok to have both malwarebytes and windows defender running at the same time, or should i disable windows defender real time protection ?
  3. Hi, i have the latest malwarebytes on my pc, and i noticed there was a exclusions list in form of a notepad txt on my malwarerebytes folder and on there, there were many entries, for example - 00A7CF3BAAE095DBFBE458264E5AA649 02B0C359F6F66575B8EC10A7002A7EF1 034CCADC1C073E4216E9466B720F9849 03E0A0812CDD2AD7261EAF533F7761F6 03FCFBE2C8E71C60F1BC34EB91D07F99 046A78D20889A0B96B84646B2E59729F 04E69D16137C2EB4AC353BE3F9EAA1A6 0575F6FEEE5E04017D6D38440E144CBF 0A903F975BF30F70C36315A3D92A051B 0BF90B3A9F703F23A6AD342B5BC01B26 0CD4882A36D15DAD767E9D77297289CC 0D97759E5A6ABBA62
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