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  1. Okay, it ended up working. Thank you so much! I was just hesitant to change any settings that I didn’t understand.
  2. How will I know what to disable or not? I’m guessing some of those things are settings I won’t want to be experimenting with. Should I delete the stuff under “bypass proxy settings” like the last person said?
  3. So just today I unintentionally downloaded a fake Adobe Flash Player, which caused my Google Chrome browser to automatically redirect me to Yahoo. After doing some research, I downloaded Malwarebytes and it detected a few problems and removed them (only one I remember is Genieo if that matters). After that, my internet connection on my Mac immediately stopped working. This is my current issue, and here’s what I’ve done so far: First I uninstalled Malwarebytes thinking that it might be the issue. It did nothing. Also, I disabled my VPN I normally use to see if that was affecting anything. Chrome shows an err_proxy_connection_failed, and so I ran wireless diagnostics on my Mac, which recommended that I disable Web Proxy (HTTP) on my Wi-Fi settings. I did this, but it also did nothing. (The Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) is the only box checked on my proxy settings if that is important) I’ve been looking online for hours, but can’t find what to do. It seems that whatever Malware was on my Mac messed with some settings from what I’ve read, although I do not know and I am not a computer expert. I have a lot of stuff on my Mac, and so I would be extremely grateful if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I would be willing to completely reset my Mac if that’s the only option, and so I’m currently backing up all of my files.
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