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  1. I have been trying to remove Malwarebytes from 2 devices that got stolen and after 5 days with 3 different support techs I have been told that all they can do is make my keys invalid. Both of my license keys are multiyear licenses for 9 devices. After using Malwarebytes for over 10 years the best they could do was tell me they could void the licenses and that I’d have to rebuy my subscriptions. Because 2 of my devices were stolen, I get to spend more money rebuying a product all because support has no way of removing keys from the devices? There is a management portal, but it is useless. I have tried manually removing devices one at a time with the trashcan icon and removing all devices under both keys as a whole. However, devices just reconnect when they come online again. I also had support remove all devices from their end, but the same thing happened were devices just reconnect. So I just wanted to leave a warning for people that might be managing lots of devices (for family in my case), I guess if you’re not a business you’re SOL.
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