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  1. Hello Kevin and thanks for replying, I went to www.virustotal.com and selected c:\ProgramData\kMGISrp.exe and it displayed this on the details tab (attached). The computer automatically rebooted and when it came back up C:\ProgramData\kMGISrp.exe and C:\ProgramData\nT16F2AOBNbX.exe were gone. I'm running another Malwarebytes scan now to see if they come back.
  2. I have three computers (so far) with this same problem. The browsers won't open. One of the computers, gets a message from Anti-Exploit when he clicks on FireFox that Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit has blocked an exploit attempt. Application: Mozilla Firefox. Protection Layer: Malicious Memory Protection. Protection Technique: Exploit code executing from Heap Memory blocked. When he clicks on Internet Explorer, he gets the same message with the application being Internet Explorer. When I log onto the same computer as another user (an administrator) I can open both browsers without a probl
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